My story and philosophy


Creating a beauty is one of my favorite activities, in such an amazing process I always catch a stream of inspiration and wonderful emotions, happiness overwhelms my soul.

Welcome to my world of art!

My name is Julia Matveeva. My profession is makeup artist and hair stylist.

For last 7 years, I tirelessly emphasize the beauty for women.

In 2017, I developed my own collection of hair accessories. It turned out to be a unic , stylish and concise. This step was inspired by a makeup brush. When there were no rubber bands and hairpins nearby , I secured my hair with makeup brush. It was an interesting result, and most importantly - beautiful and strong. So the idea of ​​my first hairpin was born, and then a whole collection followed.

Accessories under my name are a minimalistic, but practical and high-quality product, precious highlight for the hair, and maybe for the whole image.

My mission is natural beauty,graceful forms, classic color schemes, as well as for convenience and stylistic content.